The first bed - two years on May 17 2015

Two years ago this week I produced my first test bed which I handed over to Oz, my Chief Tester. Some of you may have read my previous blog post written after its first year of service. Well here is another update! 

The dense hollow fibre filling still plumps up beautifully and settles to a supportive depth of three to four inches. I've had some great feedback from my customers about this filling and found it actually suits older dogs and cats who have difficulty climbing onto deep filled memory foam beds. The hollow fibre provides a stable, warm place for your pet to rest. 

The bed is used most days and the Man's Best Friend cotton print cover is vacuumed daily to remove dog hair and washed at 30 degrees every week or so to keep it fresh. As expected it has faded a little but is still in great condition.

After two years of service the time has now come to donate the bed cover to a local kennel which cares for a number of elderly Springer Spaniels. And Oz will have a new cover, with matching sofa cushions for us humans! 

I believe it's essential I know exactly how Spotted Hound beds perform, which is why Oz has four on the go in different rooms: the large hollow fibre bed with cotton cover, a large memory foam bed with cotton cover, an extra large memory foam bed with fur cover and his re-vamped High Street 'Yorkshire Pudding' bed which has a new deep filled memory foam pad and cotton cover. 

So two years on, Spotted Hound beds are available in four sizes with a choice of two fillings and a variety of cotton and fur covers. If this sounds like the bed your pet deserves take a look at the products here in my online store.

Thanks for visiting the Spotted Blog.

Sarah x