Spring has sprung at Spotted Hound April 03 2014

Hello and welcome to my spring blog! Well it's great see everything turning lush and green after such a stormy winter. Oz and I are certainly looking forward to the summer and I've spent the last few weeks making plans for Spotted Hound.

I recently added a couple of new pages to my website, the Needy Paws page which will showcase beds created for animals in rescue centres and an events page which will provide details of shows and fairs where Spotted Hound products will be available to buy. Pop along with your furry friends for some great show offers! Both pages can be found at the bottom of the screen.

I am currently testing inner bed pillows with the addition of a fixed waterproof top liner and if approved by my thorough testers this will become a permanent feature on all beds. I also plan to introduce a couple of new products to my range but I'll keep you posted as the products are perfected and testing progresses.

Thanks for visiting the Spotted Blog.

Sarah x

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