Review of Spotted Hound waterproof bed cover January 14 2014

Sheena and Jade Chapman, Directors of Vippies Pet Care Services in Lincoln, kindly provided a review of the waterproof bed with memory foam inner pillow following testing at their day care facility. The bed withstood weeks of wet dogs, scent marking and slobber! This is what they said:

"Having done a trial on this bed it has proven to be very effective in an environment with lots of dogs. The cover is very easy to wash and with the internal bed not being machine washable the waterproof zip comes in handy to protect it from seepage. The bed's internal filling holds its shape really well. All of the dogs in our care settle down in an afternoon for their siesta and because of the size of the bed the small dogs often share."

This bed can be found in both the dog bed and cat bed sections of my online shop.

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